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Looking for FastPitch Lessons?

Try Premier Sport Services. We offer lessons for Pitching, Hitting, Catching, Fielding, Team Hitting, and Speed and Agility.

Pitching Lessons

Pitching is one of the core aspects of the Premier Sport Services organization. We have pitching instructors that have either playing or coaching experience at the Division I level.

We break down the fundamentals of the pitching motion and focus on key points such as pitch location and accuracy, ball spin, and speed.

Hitting Lessons

In the game of fastpitch today, there are many ways for an offensive player to be successful at the plate.

At Premier Sport Services, we offer hitting lessons covering all aspects of the offensive game.

Catching Lessons

As commander of the field, the catcher position is one of the most important and influential positions on the field.

There are several aspects of the catcher position. In order to be successful, it is important to develop the proper catcher skills.

Speed and Agility Lessons

FastPitch is a fast moving game. Premier can help you take your game to a higher level of play.

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Team FastPitch Training

In addition to our regular lessons in pitching, hitting, catching, and speed and agility, Premier also offers team hitting workout programs. Contact us today for team pricing.

Premier Workout Camps

Premier offers several workout camps and clinics for athletes wanting to improve on proper techniques. In addition to the outdoor clinic we also offers several mini camps.

College Lead Clinics

Hitting, Pitching, Catching and Recruiting Clinics with some of the greatest college coaches in fastpitch softball. Call Premier Sport Services @ 404-408-4094 for details.


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Premier Sport Services now offers speed and agility lessons. Contact Premier Sport Services for more details.


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Premier offers lessons for Fielding Fundamental to help improve your defensive game. Learning proper throwing and fielding techniques is key for becoming a great defensive player


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Premier has ample space for your fastpitch training needs. We provide one of the best facilities in the state. Please stop by and have a look at our space and enhancements.

Team Training Sessions Available


Team Hitting Pricing - 1 Instructor (1 Hour)

Sessions Team Hitting Program Includes Price
8 wks.
  • One hitting Instructor to assist in your teams hitting session.
  • Hitting sessions focus will be on proper mechanics and power.
  • Sessions are scheduled for 1 Hour
  • 4 Dedicated lanes set up with hitting stations for your team.
  • Up to 12 students. Additional stations added if more than 12 players.
  • The 12 hitting stations include balls and all tees needed for tee work.
  • Each station different and focused on proper mechanic.
  • Core workout and hitting review at the end of the hitting session (Approx. 5-15 Minutes) of Core Workout.
Call for Price Information
  • Additional week(s) available on a per week fee with package.
Call for Price Information


8 Weeks / Team Strength and Conditioning Only Package (1 Hour)

Sessions Team Strength and Conditioning Includes Price
8 wks.
  • These sessions are designed to increase an athlete’s performance on the playing field. The methods and equipment used are designed to increase speed, flexibility, strenght and improve the overall athlete performance. A fun, sport-centered atmosphere is created to improve stremght and conditioning.
  • 1 Hour / 1 Instructor for 8 weeks of Strength and Conditioning.
  • Includes up to 12 Students, Must be same age group/team.
  • Includes 2 Lanes for workouts.
  • Waiver must be signed by all participants.
  • All weeks should be consecutive unless otherwise approved.
Call for Price Information
  • Additional week(s) available on a per week fee with package.
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8 Weeks / Team Hitting w/Strenght and Conditioning - OUR BEST, MOST POPULAR DEAL!

Sessions Team Hitting w/Strenght and Conditioning Combination Includes Price
8 wks.
  • Includes 4 Lanes / up to 12 hitting stations for up to 12 players.
  • Additional players can be added for an additional fee.
  • Players should be same age group and on the same team.
  • Includes Jugs Pitching Machine, Machine Balls.
  • Multiple hitting tees for 12 stations, Wiffle Balls.
  •  2 Lanes Strength and Conditioning stations.
  •  6 Total Lanes for your team’s workout !
  •  Waiver must be signed by all participants.
  • Weekends shall be consecutive unless otherwise approved.
Call for Price Information



Team "By The Week" Pricing

Sessions Team Training - * By The Week Programs Price
1 week
  • Team Hitting – Up to 12 Players / Includes A Jugs Pitching Machine
  • Team Hitting – Up to 12 Players / Without Jugs Pitching Machine
  • Team Agility – Up to 12 Players 
  • Combination Team Hitting and Agility                    
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  * Week by Week only comes with one instructor   





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